Meet the team

Joe Cooper

A love of the outdoors and huge interest in fitness and well being has led to a desire to create opportunities for folk of all abilities to get fitter, physically and mentally, by exploring our great outdoors through activity.

From a very early age, I was to be found outside climbing, walking, running, competing and exploring through a range of activities. A particular memory of a walk up to Cadair Berwyn with Dad, was a real eye opener as to the natural beauty to be found in this country –  all there on the doorstep and ready to be explored. Poucher’s Welsh Peaks book, was my guide on early explorations and it’s all gone on from there. All of the Welsh Hewitt’s (2000 footers) have been visited, and dozens of Walking, Running and Cycling challenges, both home and abroad have been negotiated (not without the odd failure) and it’s created an individual that is determined to pass all of this experience on, with the knowledge of the benefits that are to be enjoyed. Add to these experiences a wealth of Outdoor and Fitness Qualifications gained, since graduating from University in 2003 and here is someone who is well placed to EDUCATE, ENTHUSE and INSPIRE you to bigger, better experiences in our great outdoors!

As Joe says ‘ Whoever you are, whatever your goal, get out there and enjoy the view.’


Our guides David Say, Becky Nokes and George Manley  will be introducing themselves here very soon!